Healthy projects!

From the bilingual programme, our last projects have dealt with health and healthy habits.

1º ESO: Students become aware of their awesome environment and the benefits of exercising outdoors, taking advantage of their town possibilities. ( Physical Education, Art, Geography and History and English departments).

2º ESO: Students had to reflect on the importance of healthy eating habits and the dangers of processed food. (Physical Education, Technology, Art and English Departments).

3º ESO: Students learned about the negative consequences of sedentarism and the importance of practising any type of physical activity. (Physical Education, Technology and English Departments).

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4º ESO: Students had to compare the way some topics were treated in the past and how they are treated
today in the media. Topics such as tobacco, alcohol or unhealthy food. (Physical Education, History and
Geography and English Departments )
Watch this interesting timeline created by students !

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